May 29rd All Events

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May 29th, 2008 (May 29 2008)DeathLuc Bourdon, Canadian National Hockey League Defenceman who played with the Vancouver Canucks (Motorcycle Accident) (born in 1987)
May 29th, 2008 (May 29 2008)DeathHarvey Korman, American actor (born in 1927)
May 29th, 2008 (May 29 2008)DeathDianne Odell, American medical figure (born in 1947)
May 29th, 2007 (May 29 2007)DeathDave Balon, Canadian ice hockey player (born in 1938)
May 29th, 2007 (May 29 2007)DeathLois Browne-Evans, Bermudian Politician (stroke) (born in 1927) Evans Quotes
May 29th, 2007 (May 29 2007)DeathPosteal Laskey, American convicted murderer widely believed to be the Cincinnati Strangler of natural causes (born in 1938)
May 29th, 2006 (May 29 2006)DeathSteve Mizerak, American pool player (born in 1944)
May 29th, 2006 (May 29 2006)DeathJacques Bouchard, Quebec advertising executive (born in 1930)
May 29th, 2005 (May 29 2005)EventFrance resoundingly rejects the European Constitution.
May 29th, 2005 (May 29 2005)DeathGeorge Rochberg, American composer (born in 1918)
May 29th, 2004 (May 29 2004)EventThe World War II Memorial is dedicated in Washington, D.C.
May 29th, 2004 (May 29 2004)EventThe Al-Khobar massacres in Saudi Arabia kill 22.
May 29th, 2004 (May 29 2004)DeathArchibald Cox, Watergate special prosecutor (born in 1912)
May 29th, 2004 (May 29 2004)DeathSamuel Dash, American Congressional counsel (born in 1925)
May 29th, 2003 (May 29 2003)DeathDavid Jefferies, British motorcycle racer (born in 1972)
May 29th, 2002 (May 29 2002)DeathMildred Benson, American writer (born in 1905)
May 29th, 2001 (May 29 2001)EventU.S. Supreme Court rules that disabled golfer Casey Martin can use a cart to ride in tournaments.
May 29th, 2001 (May 29 2001)EventInternational Day of United Nations Peacekeepers inaugurated.
May 29th, 1999 (May 29 1999)EventOlusegun Obasanjo takes office as President of Nigeria, the first elected and civilian head of state in Nigeria after 16 years of military rule.
May 29th, 1999 (May 29 1999)EventSpace Shuttle Discovery completes the first docking with the International Space Station.
May 29th, 1998 (May 29 1998)DeathBarry M. Goldwater, U.S. Senator from Arizona and presidential candidate (born in 1909)Barry Goldwater Quotes
May 29th, 1997 (May 29 1997)DeathJeff Buckley, American musician (drowned) (born in 1966)
May 29th, 1997 (May 29 1997)DeathGeorge Fenneman, American radio and television announcer (born in 1919)
May 29th, 1996 (May 29 1996)DeathTamara Toumanova, Ballet star and actress (born in 1919)
May 29th, 1994 (May 29 1994)DeathErich Honecker, leader of East Germany (born in 1912)
May 29th, 1993 (May 29 1993)DeathBilly Conn, American boxer (born in 1917)
May 29th, 1991 (May 29 1991)BirthKristen Alderson, American actress
May 29th, 1990 (May 29 1990)EventBoris Yeltsin is elected president of the Russian SFSR by the Russian parliament.Boris Yeltsin Quotes
May 29th, 1990 (May 29 1990)BirthDave Morton, American guitarist
May 29th, 1989 (May 29 1989)BirthDanielle Riley Keough, American actress
May 29th, 1989 (May 29 1989)DeathJohn Cipollina, American musician (Quicksilver Messenger Service) (born in 1943)
May 29th, 1988 (May 29 1988)EventU.S. President Ronald Reagan begins his first visit to the Soviet Union as he arrives in Moscow for a superpower summit with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.Ronald Reagan Quotes
May 29th, 1987 (May 29 1987)BirthAlessandra Toreson, American actress
May 29th, 1986 (May 29 1986)BirthDylan Postl, American professional wrestler
May 29th, 1986 (May 29 1986)BirthJaslene Gonzalez, Puerto Rican/American fashion model
May 29th, 1985 (May 29 1985)EventHeysel Stadium disaster: At the European Cup final in Brussels, Belgium, 39 football fans die and hundreds are injured when a dilapidated retaining wall collapses after Liverpool F.C. fans breach a fence separating them from Juventus F.C. fans.
May 29th, 1985 (May 29 1985)EventAmputee Steve Fonyo completes cross-Canada marathon at Victoria, British Columbia, after 14 months.
May 29th, 1984 (May 29 1984)BirthCarmelo Anthony, American basketball player
May 29th, 1983 (May 29 1983)BirthRama Claproth, Indonesian blues guitarist
May 29th, 1983 (May 29 1983)DeathArvids Pelse, Soviet Latvian statesman (born in 1899)
May 29th, 1982 (May 29 1982)EventPope John Paul II becomes the first pontiff ever to visit Canterbury Cathedral.
May 29th, 1982 (May 29 1982)BirthAna Beatriz Barros, Brazilian model
May 29th, 1982 (May 29 1982)BirthJoanne Borgella, American plus-sized model and singer
May 29th, 1982 (May 29 1982)BirthMatt Macri, American baseball player
May 29th, 1982 (May 29 1982)DeathRomy Schneider, Austrian actress (born in 1938)
May 29th, 1981 (May 29 1981)BirthAndrei Arshavin, Russian footballer
May 29th, 1979 (May 29 1979)BirthBrian Kendrick, American professional wrestler
May 29th, 1979 (May 29 1979)BirthArne Friedrich, German football player
May 29th, 1979 (May 29 1979)BirthJohn Rheinecker, Major League Baseball playerJohn Major Quotes
May 29th, 1979 (May 29 1979)BirthCasey Sheehan, American soldier; son of Cindy Sheehan (died in 2004)
May 29th, 1979 (May 29 1979)DeathMary Pickford, Canadian-born American actress and studio founder (born in 1892)
May 29th, 1979 (May 29 1979)DeathJohn H. Wood, Jr., American federal judge (born in 1916)
May 29th, 1978 (May 29 1978)BirthPelle Almqvist, Swedish musician (The Hives)
May 29th, 1978 (May 29 1978)BirthSebastien Grosjean, French tennis player
May 29th, 1978 (May 29 1978)BirthAdam Rickitt,British/New Zealand actor
May 29th, 1977 (May 29 1977)BirthAntonio Lebo-Lebo, Angolan footballer
May 29th, 1977 (May 29 1977)BirthMassimo Ambrosini, Italian footballer
May 29th, 1977 (May 29 1977)DeathBa Maw, Burmese politician (born in 1893)
May 29th, 1976 (May 29 1976)BirthDavid Buckner, American musician (Papa Roach)
May 29th, 1976 (May 29 1976)BirthCacapa, Brazilian footballer
May 29th, 1976 (May 29 1976)BirthJerry Hairston Jr., American baseball player
May 29th, 1976 (May 29 1976)BirthYusuke Iseya, Japanese model and actor
May 29th, 1975 (May 29 1975)BirthMelanie Brown, English musician and actress
May 29th, 1975 (May 29 1975)BirthAnthony Wall, English golfer
May 29th, 1974 (May 29 1974)BirthMyf Warhurst, Australian radio presenter on Triple J and TV personality on Spicks and Specks
May 29th, 1974 (May 29 1974)BirthMarc Gene, Spanish Formula One driver
May 29th, 1973 (May 29 1973)EventTom Bradley is elected the first black mayor of Los Angeles, California.
May 29th, 1973 (May 29 1973)BirthAnthony Azizi, American actor
May 29th, 1973 (May 29 1973)BirthMark Lee, American musician (guitarist for Third Day)
May 29th, 1973 (May 29 1973)BirthAlpay Ozalan, Turkish footballer
May 29th, 1973 (May 29 1973)DeathP. Ramlee, Malaysian film actor, director, singer and songwriter. (born in 1929)
May 29th, 1972 (May 29 1972)Event26 people are killed and dozens more injured when three Japanese gunmen open fire on crowds at Lod International Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel.
May 29th, 1972 (May 29 1972)BirthKozi, Japanese visual kei artist
May 29th, 1972 (May 29 1972)DeathMoe Berg, American baseball player and spy (born in 1902)
May 29th, 1972 (May 29 1972)DeathStephen Timoshenko, Ukrainian-born mechanical engineer (born in 1878)
May 29th, 1971 (May 29 1971)BirthEric Lucas, Quebec professional boxer
May 29th, 1970 (May 29 1970)BirthNatarsha Belling, Australian news presenter
May 29th, 1970 (May 29 1970)DeathJohn Gunther, American writer (born in 1901)
May 29th, 1969 (May 29 1969)BirthChan Kinchla, Canadian musician (Blues Traveler)
May 29th, 1968 (May 29 1968)EventManchester United win the European Cup, the first English Club to do so.
May 29th, 1967 (May 29 1967)BirthNoel Gallagher, English musician (Oasis) Gallagher Quotes
May 29th, 1967 (May 29 1967)BirthMike Keane, Canadian hockey player
May 29th, 1964 (May 29 1964)EventThe Arab League meets in East Jerusalem to discuss the Palestinian situation in Israel, leading to the formation of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.
May 29th, 1963 (May 29 1963)BirthBlaze Bayley, British singer (ex-Iron Maiden)
May 29th, 1963 (May 29 1963)BirthTracey E. Bregman, American actress
May 29th, 1963 (May 29 1963)BirthUkyo Katayama, Japanese racing driver
May 29th, 1963 (May 29 1963)BirthLisa Whelchel, American actress
May 29th, 1962 (May 29 1962)BirthEric Davis, American baseball player
May 29th, 1962 (May 29 1962)BirthJohn D. LeMay, American actor
May 29th, 1961 (May 29 1961)BirthMelissa Etheridge, American musician
May 29th, 1959 (May 29 1959)BirthRupert Everett, English actor
May 29th, 1959 (May 29 1959)BirthAdrian Paul, English actor
May 29th, 1958 (May 29 1958)BirthAnnette Bening, American actress
May 29th, 1958 (May 29 1958)BirthWillem Holleeder, Dutch criminal
May 29th, 1958 (May 29 1958)DeathJuan Ramon Jimenez, Spanish writer, Nobel laureate (born in 1881)
May 29th, 1957 (May 29 1957)BirthJeb Hensarling, American politician
May 29th, 1957 (May 29 1957)BirthTed Levine, American actor
May 29th, 1956 (May 29 1956)BirthLaToya Jackson, American musician
May 29th, 1955 (May 29 1955)BirthJohn Hinckley, Jr., American attempted assassin
May 29th, 1955 (May 29 1955)BirthSut Jhally, Kenyan-born American educator
May 29th, 1955 (May 29 1955)BirthKen Schrader, American race car driver
May 29th, 1954 (May 29 1954)EventFirst of the annual Bilderberg conferences.
May 29th, 1953 (May 29 1953)EventSir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay are the first people to reach the summit of Mount Everest, on Tenzing Norgay s (adopted) 39th birthday.Edmund Hillary Quotes
May 29th, 1953 (May 29 1953)BirthDanny Elfman, American musician (Oingo Boingo)
May 29th, 1953 (May 29 1953)BirthAleksandr Abdulov, Russian actor (died in 2008)
May 29th, 1953 (May 29 1953)DeathMan Mountain Dean, American professional wrestler (born in 1891)
May 29th, 1951 (May 29 1951)BirthPeter Chernin, President of News Corporation
May 29th, 1951 (May 29 1951)DeathFanny Brice, American singer/comedian (born in 1891)
May 29th, 1950 (May 29 1950)EventSt. Roch, first ship to circumnavigate North America, arrives in Halifax, Nova Scotia .
May 29th, 1950 (May 29 1950)BirthRebbie Jackson, American musician
May 29th, 1949 (May 29 1949)BirthBrian Kidd, English footballer
May 29th, 1948 (May 29 1948)EventCreation of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force the United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation
May 29th, 1948 (May 29 1948)BirthNick Mancuso, Italian-Canadian actor
May 29th, 1948 (May 29 1948)DeathDame May Whitty, English actress (born in 1865)
May 29th, 1947 (May 29 1947)BirthGene Robinson, American ecclesiastic
May 29th, 1947 (May 29 1947)BirthAnthony Geary, American actor
May 29th, 1946 (May 29 1946)BirthFernando Buesa, Basque politician (died in 2000)
May 29th, 1946 (May 29 1946)DeathMartin Gottfried Weiss, Commandant of Dachau concentration camp (born in 1905)
May 29th, 1945 (May 29 1945)BirthGary Brooker, musician (Procol Harum)
May 29th, 1943 (May 29 1943)BirthRobert W. Edgar, Theologian
May 29th, 1942 (May 29 1942)EventBing Crosby, the Ken Darby Singers and the John Scott Trotter Orchestra record Irving Berlin s "White Christmas", the best-selling Christmas album in history, for Decca Records in Los Angeles.John Scott Quotes
May 29th, 1942 (May 29 1942)BirthPierre Bourque, Former mayor of Montreal
May 29th, 1942 (May 29 1942)BirthKevin Conway, American actor
May 29th, 1942 (May 29 1942)DeathJohn Barrymore, American actor (born in 1882)
May 29th, 1940 (May 29 1940)BirthFarooq Leghari, President of Pakistan
May 29th, 1939 (May 29 1939)BirthAl Unser, Sr., American race car driver
May 29th, 1939 (May 29 1939)DeathUrsula Julia Ledochowska, Polish-Austrian Catholic saint (born in 1865)
May 29th, 1938 (May 29 1938)BirthFay Vincent, baseball commissioner
May 29th, 1937 (May 29 1937)BirthCharles W. Pickering, American judge
May 29th, 1937 (May 29 1937)BirthIrmin Schmidt, German musician (Can)
May 29th, 1935 (May 29 1935)DeathJosef Suk, Czech composer and violinist (born in 1874)
May 29th, 1933 (May 29 1933)BirthHelmuth Rilling, German conductor
May 29th, 1932 (May 29 1932)EventWorld War I Veterans begin to assemble in Washington, DC in the Bonus Army to request cash bonuses promised to them to be paid in 1945.
May 29th, 1932 (May 29 1932)BirthRichie Guerin, former basketball player
May 29th, 1932 (May 29 1932)BirthPaul R. Ehrlich, American biologist and author who founded the group Zero Population GrowthPaul R. Ehrlich Quotes
May 29th, 1927 (May 29 1927)BirthJean Coutu, Quebec businessman (Jean Coutu Group)
May 29th, 1926 (May 29 1926)BirthCharles Denner, French actor (died in 1995)
May 29th, 1924 (May 29 1924)EventAEK Athens FC is established on the anniversary of the siege of Constantinople by the Turks.
May 29th, 1922 (May 29 1922)BirthIannis Xenakis, Greek composer and architect, major contributor to musical modernism (died in 2001)
May 29th, 1920 (May 29 1920)BirthJohn Harsanyi, Hungarian-born economist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 2000)
May 29th, 1919 (May 29 1919)EventEinstein s theory of general relativity is tested (later confirmed) by Arthur Eddington s observation of a total solar eclipse in Principe and by Andrew Crommelin in Sobral, Ceara, Brazil.
May 29th, 1919 (May 29 1919)EventThe Republic of Prekmurje founded
May 29th, 1919 (May 29 1919)DeathRobert Bacon, American politician (born in 1860)
May 29th, 1917 (May 29 1917)BirthJohn Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States (died in 1963)
May 29th, 1915 (May 29 1915)BirthKarl Munchinger, German conductor (died in 1990)
May 29th, 1914 (May 29 1914)EventOcean liner RMS Empress of Ireland sinks in the Gulf of St. Lawrence; 1,024 lives lost.
May 29th, 1914 (May 29 1914)BirthStacy Keach, Sr., American actor (died in 2003)
May 29th, 1913 (May 29 1913)EventIgor Stravinsky s ballet score The Rite of Spring is premiered in Paris, provoking a riot.Igor Stravinsky Quotes
May 29th, 1913 (May 29 1913)BirthTony Zale, American boxer (died in 1997)
May 29th, 1911 (May 29 1911)BirthArmida, Mexican-American stage, vaudeville and film star (died in 1989)
May 29th, 1911 (May 29 1911)DeathWilliam S. Gilbert, English dramatist (born in 1836)
May 29th, 1910 (May 29 1910)DeathMily Balakirev, Russian composer (born in 1837)
May 29th, 1907 (May 29 1907)BirthHartland Molson, Canadian businessman and senator (died in 2002)
May 29th, 1906 (May 29 1906)BirthT.H. White, British author (died in 1964)
May 29th, 1905 (May 29 1905)BirthSebastian Shaw, English actor (died in 1994)
May 29th, 1903 (May 29 1903)EventMay coup d etat: Alexander Obrenovich, King of Serbia, and Queen Draga, are assassinated in Belgrade by the Black Hand (Crna Ruka) organization.
May 29th, 1903 (May 29 1903)BirthBob Hope, British-born comedian and actor (died in 2003)Bob Hope Quotes
May 29th, 1903 (May 29 1903)DeathDraga Masin, Queen of Serbia (born in 1864)
May 29th, 1903 (May 29 1903)DeathBruce Price, American architect (born in 1845)
May 29th, 1897 (May 29 1897)BirthErich Wolfgang Korngold, Austrian composer (died in 1957)
May 29th, 1896 (May 29 1896)DeathGabriel Auguste Daubree, French geologist (born in 1814)
May 29th, 1894 (May 29 1894)BirthBeatrice Lillie, Canadian actress (died in 1989)
May 29th, 1894 (May 29 1894)BirthJosef von Sternberg, Austrian-born writer and film director (died in 1969)
May 29th, 1893 (May 29 1893)BirthMax Brand, American author and war correspondent (died in 1944)Max Brand Quotes
May 29th, 1892 (May 29 1892)BirthAlfonsina Storni, Argentine writer (died in 1938)
May 29th, 1892 (May 29 1892)DeathBaha u llah, Persian founder of the Baha i Faith (born in 1817)
May 29th, 1886 (May 29 1886)EventChemist John Pemberton places his first advertisement for Coca-Cola, the ad appearing in the Atlanta Journal.
May 29th, 1882 (May 29 1882)DeathVasily Perov, Russian painter (born in 1833)
May 29th, 1880 (May 29 1880)BirthOswald Spengler, German philosopher (died in 1936) Philo Quotes
May 29th, 1874 (May 29 1874)BirthG. K. Chesterton, English novelist (died in 1936)
May 29th, 1868 (May 29 1868)EventThe assassination of Michael Obrenovich III, Prince of Serbia, in Belgrade.
May 29th, 1868 (May 29 1868)DeathMichael Obrenovich III, Prince of Serbia (born in 1823)
May 29th, 1867 (May 29 1867)EventThe Austro-Hungarian agreement known as Ausgleich ("the Compromise") is born through Act 12, which establishes the Austro-Hungarian Empire; on June 8 Emperor Franz Joseph is crowned King of Hungary.
May 29th, 1866 (May 29 1866)DeathWinfield Scott, American general (born in 1786)
May 29th, 1864 (May 29 1864)EventEmperor Maximilian of Mexico arrives in Mexico for the first time.
May 29th, 1863 (May 29 1863)BirthArthur Mold, English cricketer (died in 1921)
May 29th, 1860 (May 29 1860)BirthIsaac Albeniz, Spanish composer (died in 1909)
May 29th, 1848 (May 29 1848)EventWisconsin is admitted as the 30th U.S. state.
May 29th, 1847 (May 29 1847)DeathEmmanuel, marquis de Grouchy, French marshal (born in 1766)
May 29th, 1829 (May 29 1829)DeathHumphry Davy, English chemist (born in 1778)
May 29th, 1823 (May 29 1823)BirthJohn H. Balsley, American carpenter (died in 1895)
May 29th, 1814 (May 29 1814)DeathJosephine de Beauharnais, Empress of France (born in 1763)
May 29th, 1796 (May 29 1796)DeathCarl Fredrik Pechlin, Swedish politician (born in 1720)
May 29th, 1794 (May 29 1794)BirthJohann Heinrich von Madler, German astronomer (died in 1874)
May 29th, 1790 (May 29 1790)EventRhode Island becomes the last of the original United States colonies to ratify the Constitution and is admitted as the 13th U.S. state.
May 29th, 1790 (May 29 1790)DeathIsrael Putnam, American Revolutionary War general (born in 1718)
May 29th, 1780 (May 29 1780)EventLieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton massacres Colonel Abraham Buford s continentals allegedly after the continentals surrender. 113 Americans are killed. Abraham Quotes
May 29th, 1773 (May 29 1773)BirthPrincess Sophia of Gloucester (died in 1844)
May 29th, 1765 (May 29 1765)EventPatrick Henry in a speech (on his birthday, see below) denouncing the Stamp Act is believed to have said, "If this be treason, make the most of it!"Patrick Henry Quotes
May 29th, 1736 (May 29 1736)BirthPatrick Henry, American patriot, statesman, and orator (died in 1799)Patrick Henry Quotes
May 29th, 1733 (May 29 1733)EventThe right of Canadians to keep Indian slaves is upheld at Quebec City.
May 29th, 1727 (May 29 1727)EventPeter II becomes Tsar of Russia.
May 29th, 1722 (May 29 1722)BirthJames FitzGerald, 1st Duke of Leinster, Irish politician (died in 1773)
May 29th, 1716 (May 29 1716)BirthLouis-Jean-Marie Daubenton, French naturalist (died in 1800)
May 29th, 1691 (May 29 1691)DeathCornelis Tromp, Dutch admiral (born in 1629)
May 29th, 1677 (May 29 1677)EventTreaty of Middle Plantation establishes peace between the Virginia colonists and the local Indians.
May 29th, 1675 (May 29 1675)BirthHumphry Ditton, English mathematician (died in 1715)
May 29th, 1660 (May 29 1660)EventEnglish Restoration: Charles II (on his birthdaysee below) is restored to the throne of Great Britain.
May 29th, 1660 (May 29 1660)DeathFrans van Schooten, Dutch mathematician (born in 1615)
May 29th, 1630 (May 29 1630)BirthCharles II of England (died in 1685)
May 29th, 1627 (May 29 1627)BirthAnne, Duchess of Montpensier, French writer and Princess(died in 1693)
May 29th, 1594 (May 29 1594)BirthGottfried Heinrich Graf zu Pappenheim, Bavarian general (died in 1632)
May 29th, 1593 (May 29 1593)DeathJohn Penry, Welsh Protestant leader (born in 1559)
May 29th, 1592 (May 29 1592)EventAt the Battle of Sacheon, the Korean navy led by Admiral Yi Sun Shin, repels a Japanese army that outnumbers it nearly 3 to 1.
May 29th, 1546 (May 29 1546)DeathDavid Beaton, Scottish Catholic cardinal
May 29th, 1500 (May 29 1500)DeathBartolomeu Dias, Portuguese explorer
May 29th, 1453 (May 29 1453)EventByzantine-Ottoman Wars: Ottoman armies under Sultan Mehmed II Fatih capture Constantinople after a siege, ending the Byzantine Empire.
May 29th, 1453 (May 29 1453)DeathConstantine XI Palaeologus, last Byzantine Emperor (born in 1404)
May 29th, 1425 (May 29 1425)DeathHongxi Emperor of China (born in 1378)
May 29th, 1414 (May 29 1414)EventCouncil of Constance.
May 29th, 1405 (May 29 1405)DeathPhilippe de Mezieres, advisor to Charles V of France
May 29th, 1379 (May 29 1379)DeathKing Henry II of Castile (born in 1334)
May 29th, 1259 (May 29 1259)DeathKing Christopher I of Denmark (born in 1219)
May 29th, 1176 (May 29 1176)EventBattle of Legnano, in which the Lombard League defeats Emperor Frederick I.
May 29th, 1167 (May 29 1167)EventBattle of Monte PorzioA Roman army supporting Pope Alexander III is defeated by Christian of Buch and Rainald of DasselAlexander Pope Quotes
May 29th, 0363 (May 29 0363)EventRoman Emperor Julian defeats the Sassanid army in the Battle of Ctesiphon, under the walls of the Sassanid capital, but is unable to take the city. Julian Quotes

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